Product Categories

Focus on medium and long distance inspection products, with the longest detection distance in conventional products.

Product advantages

Focus on medium and long distance inspection products, with the longest detection distance in conventional products.
  • The high frequency

    Medium and long distance detection sensor switching frequency reaches 5000Hz,lead the industry
  • Strong anti-interference

    Product anti-interference, anti-disturbance voltage 4000V
  • Strong resistance to magnetic interference

    Anti-magnetic anti-weld sensor with innovative MVDC multi-variable dynamic compensation digital processing technology, with high level of EMC characteristics and superior resistance to magnetic field interference
  • Unique process

    HODEN products use a unique process, multiple products can be installed side by side, no gaps, do not interfere with each other
  • Ensure efficiency and quality

    HODEN products are extremely diverse, and our experts can tell you exactly which one is right for your needs. Even if you are in small batch demand, HODEN still guarantee efficiency and quality
  • Free sample test

    HODNE helps you avoid risks, ask for samples for testing, you only need one phone, we will send you the samples you need immediately.

Industry application

Focus on medium and long distance inspection products, with the longest detection distance in conventional products.
  • The car industry

  • Intelligent storage

  • Metallurgical industry

  • Petroleum chemical industry

  • Machine tool industry

  • The food industry

Automotive metal welding solutions

Automotive metal welding, the sensor is installed near the welding tongs or welding rod, so the process has a harsh industrial environment, the performance of the sensor is stable and safe is a necessary condition, our welding-proof sensor ensures the process safety of the welding environment.

HOND anti-magnetic anti-weld sensor features:

  • Anti-strong magnetic interference
  • Welding slag splash
  • Attenuation coefficient is1
  • Metal welding workshop

Intelligent warehouse conveyor line solution

The intelligent storage and transportation line realizes lifting, turning and horizontal conveying according to the process requirements. The items are lifted, turned and horizontally conveyed. The main purpose is to detect zero error on the side and bottom of the tray of the industry, which requires high stability of the sensor. ;

HOND sensor features:

  • Stable performance
  • Sensing distance
  • High response frequency
  • Excellent anti-interference performance

Steel conveyor belt solution

After the steel is cooled by cold rolling, it needs to be transported to the workshop through the conveyor belt. The logistics equipment inside the steel plant is usually connected with the circulating conveyor belt. The temperature is high, the gas contains acid and alkali, and the environment is very bad. We provide inductive sensors. The product ensures stable and efficient automated production during the delivery of the steel.

HOND Inductive Sensor Features:

  • Sensing distance
  • Stable temperature drift
  • PTFE wire ensures sensor life

Oil industry application

HODEN products are reliable, accurate, and unaffected by external conditions such as:

  • Corrosive environment
  • Ultra high frequency
  • Salt, acid mist
  • Steam and humidity
  • Oil, chemicals

CNC machine tool production plan

The HODEN proximity switch is used for the precise position of the factory CNC machine tool and robot docking and the upper and lower material control of the CNC machine tool to achieve efficient and automated production of the factory.

HOND Inductive Sensor Features:

  • Sensing distance
  • Superior anti-interference ability
  • Oil, dust and moisture resistant

Beverage conveyor line solution

HODEN Inductive Proximity Sensors are used in beverage packaging production process for inspection and high-speed counting (metal caps) for multi-capacity and digital analysis.

HOND Inductive Sensor Features:

  • Sensing distance
  • Ultra-high frequency response, the current frequency of medium and long distance products is 5000Hz

Technical Services

Focus on medium and long distance inspection products, with the longest detection distance in conventional products.

News and Trends

Focus on medium and long distance inspection products, with the longest detection distance in conventional products.
  • The company dynamic
  • Industry dynamic
  • Product information
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